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First game(s)

BramVBramV Member
edited October 2012 in Marketplace
I'm only 14 years old buth i'm in developing games for android!
I did first use Corona Sdk and i did make a cool game with it... buth you cant publish your apps in the free version!
So now i did try this and i did make 3 things:




Pleas buy one just for supporting me! (PS sorry for my bad english!)
If you like my work then pleas donate by buying this:


Grtz Bram Vanbilsen

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  • I think it's great your starting so young and have the dedication to actually finish your apps - that put's you well ahead of a lot of people! Well done.

    Just one point though - I know English isn't your first language but watch your grammar and particularly your spelling on your descriptions. Nothing say's "noob - avoid like the plague" as much as spelling mistakes and poor grammar on the first page!

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    #MakeABetterGame! "Never give up, Never NEVER give up!" - Winston Churchill
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  • Hey,, ok i will work on my grammar thnx for youre feadback :)
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