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Gideros 2023.8 Released

hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
edited September 2023 in Announcements
This new Gideros release comes with Linux support, that means:
- Gideros Studio is now available for Linux
- Gideros Studio can now export to Linux (through QT)
- Gideros Studio can also, and this is great, export to Linux without QT

When I say Linux, it was actually tested on Debian 11, Debian 12 and Ubuntu 22.04. I am confident it should work on any Linux based on Debian.

Full list of changes:
New features

[platform] Now available on Debian based Linux (tested on Debian 11, Debian 12 and Ubuntu 22-04)
[export/linux] Initial non QT linux export code
[export] Add QT Linux target


[export] Note about QT licensing
[plugin/rp3d] add Body:setSprite() so that rp3d can update Sprites after each physics simulation step
[addon] Scene builder: allow specifying asset folder and support capsule physics shapes
[Addon/SceneBuilder] Support GLTF files
[addon/scenebuilder] Support setting physics shape in library
[lib/3d] Improve GSCN handling


[gfx/rt] Fix non POT option not accepted
[gfx/sprite] Fix invalid bound caching
[gfx/shape] Fix crash when omitting matrix in setFillType
[core/Buffer] keep a reference to the buffer object while opened as a file
[studio] Ensure output window shows last lines of 'print'
[export/win32] Avoid key repeating
[export/win32] backport linux http fixes to win32 code
[plugin/rp3d] Fix crash on some android
[plugin/ads] Add consent API
[plugin/ads/AdMob] Implement google consent flow
[Library/3d] Fix gltf loader and anim
[Samples] Fix controller demo

Download it from here:
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