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Gideros 2022.5

Gideros 2022.5 is available, with a bit of headroom for hot fixes :)

Two major additions this time:
Sprite cloning: Now Sprite can be cloned instead of having to recreate and re-customize them from lua. This is a big performance improvement if you need several similar Sprite on screen, in particular if those sprites are complex or compound. Imagine you need to create 100 cells in a board game, with a complex stacking such as a background, a foreground, and possible icons over the top of each cell. Previously you had to create and customize 300 or 400 sprites to achieve that, now you can just make one, clone it 100 times, and just customize the delat between each cell.
This won't speed up rendering, but will save time preparing the scene.

3D particles: Particles sprite gets a 'z' coordinate to support 3D, but that's not all. Enabling 3D mode tells Gideros to make sure that the particles are drawn always facing the camera, and further enabling auto sorting tells Gideros to sort particles back to front to correctly process alpha. Whats more, and this applies to 2D partciles as well, decay can now be separated into x,y and z coefficients, particles now handle acceleration, and you can assign multiple textures to your particles for use with a custom shader.

This new Gideros version also comes with bug fixes and various improvements from the community. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Full list of changes:

New features

[gfx] Sprites are now clonable, except MovieClip
[gfx] Support 3D Particles
[gfx] Partciles can be multitextured (through shaders)
[gfx/particles] Add auto depth sorting of 3D particles
[gfx/particles] Differentiate X,Y and Z decay, add acceleration support
[gfx/particles] Add a method to retrieve recently dead particles
[examples] Add 3D particles demo


[Library] update to 3d library to better handle texture loading and glb format
[library/3d] remove code hack thanks to luau
[Library] Update luashader lib
[sample/3D-Anim] Improved demo
[font/layout] Avoid calling harfbuzz plugion (if present) when text is Latin
[core] Use optimized memory allocator for Luau (as we did for Lua)
[gfx/textfield] Delay texture recreation until really displayed
[ios] Export entitlements file
[Studio] Preview pic for GTween example


[plugin/rp3d] don't try to destroy a body twice
[sprite] Fix auto update and autobuffer of effect shaders
[audio] Fix audiobinder destructor
[studio] Fix 'Browse' buttons not working
[library/luashader] Auto correct HLSL swizzling
[uwp] Update certificate
[Studio] Fix simple word highlighter
[Studio] Revert replace function with a minor change - clean one
[plugin/rp3d] Fix event listener
[ios] fix Metal shaders

Download it from here:
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