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Gideros 2022.1 Released — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2022.1 Released

New year, new Gideros.

This first 2022 release comes with significant changes.
First, Windows version is now 64 bit, despite it being still installed in '32 bit program location'.
Second, it is based on QT6, which means that most plugins have been touched to be compatible.
Third, the studio now uses main scintilla code, and not QScintilla, enabling tighter integration.

Last, but not least, this Gideros version uses luau instead of lua 5.1, and while luau is itself based on lua 5.1, it borrows features from 5.2,5.3 and 5.4 and drop some from 5.1. We tried our best to reintroduce everything that was dropped to make it compatible with existing gideros project, but you may need to adapt your source code a bit. See here:https://wiki.gideros.rocks/index.php/Lua_to_Luau_conversion_guide

Why Luau ?
- Because it is a modern version of lua and actively developed
- Because its internals allows more efficient lua shaders
- Because it allows gradual type checking, and could help writing better code
- Because it comes with a code analyzer (Linter), now integrated with Gideros studio, able to spot potential coding issues
- And because it is more optimized

But because luau is internally very different, a few features are no longer available in 2022.1:
- Debugging: we'll try to add it back in next release
- Macro: they may be added back to, or maybe through a 'const' keyword

We hope that, all in all, this is a better release than previous one, and we are confident those changes to Gideros were necessary for the future.

WARNING: Those were huge changes, and although this release has been tested way more deeply than usual, it can still exhibit abnormal behaviour, so be sure to double check your exports.

Download it from here:
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