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love2d similitude? — Gideros Forum

love2d similitude?

MoKaLuxMoKaLux Member
edited August 2021 in General questions
how are you all doing?
I just had this question in my head :)
In love2d you have:
- love.load
- love.draw
- love.update
- love.keypressed

Each "functions" has its own goal.

Do you think it would be good practice to do the same in gideros?
- gideros.init
- gideros draw (n/a ?)
- gideros.ENTER_FRAME
- gideros KEY_UP, KEY_DOWN

For now what I do is set a flag to true/false when a key is pressed/released and in ENTER_FRAME I check for the key flag to do some actions.
Would it be better to do it in KEY_DOWN/KEY_UP, or does it even matter :) ?

Thank you :)
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