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Masking & Clipping

moopfmoopf Guru
edited March 2013 in Roadmap
Sorry to bring this up again but, honestly, the lack of masking and clipping is a major drawback with Gideros. I can't stress how difficult it makes doing some things and, as Shape won't take a texture region only a complete texture, it's inefficient to use this for the clipping of single images although it's really the only option so it's what I'm having to do.

Really, this needs to be sorted sooner rather than later. I'm having to load in multiple textures that I can't pack into a single texture because of these limitations and, even then, I'm having to limit what I can actually do because I can't clip the visible area of a sprite or mask it.

Without it it makes simple things incredibly difficult. So please @atilim when will we finally be getting these features?
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