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Lua Glider 1.8 beta for Gideros- Live Coding, On Device Debugging, Project Management, & More — Gideros Forum

Lua Glider 1.8 beta for Gideros- Live Coding, On Device Debugging, Project Management, & More

edited January 2013 in General questions
Hello All,

We are excited to announce better Gideros SDK integration including on device debugging in the upcoming 1.8 version. We expect to have this released in 2 weeks. Please watch this video and contact us via http://www.mydevelopersgames.com/Glider/contact.html for a beta invite.

Also, for 1.8 features, in general see this video:

1) Live Coding- Similar to our variable update feature but much more streamlined. Property editors for numbers, booleans, strings, and colors. Instantly tweak any variable directly from the IDE in a very interactive way.

2) Project Management- Configurations, aliases, enable/disable flags, external libraries, resource bundles, will streamline your development. Switch from paid to lite version or English to Spanish and everything in between is just a click away.

3) More powerful intellisense- We rewrote the parser and it is more powerful than ever. Our custom Lua VM written just for the IDE "runs" your code to figure out function returns, parameter transformations, variable usages, and even metatable-based inheritance systems. All this makes for the best intellisense seen in a dynamic language IDE.

4) Symantic highlighter- Globals defined in the current file light up green. Globals used in this file are italicized.
You can easily spot a misplaced global this way.

5)Instant renamer- Improve the readability of your code instantly. Rename local variables on the fly while taking into account language constructs that a simple find and replace will not.

Please note that this update will be free if you have already purchased Glider.

M.Y. Developers
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