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Server issues 29.04.2012 — Gideros Forum

Server issues 29.04.2012

gorkemgorkem Maintainer
edited April 2012 in Forum talk

You may have faced some weirdness with the web page. Unfortunately due to my fault (of not being able to choose a good method to install a package), a script has corrupted some server configuration files (e.g Ruby, Apache, Rails and Passenger configs).

Unfortunately script placed no backups. Since there are several updated files, and there are no traces of which lines have changed, I had to revert back to daily backups (snapshots). The last one was taken about 19 hours ago, and whole system is reverted to that backup.

While we are a bit lucky that this issue has taken place around Sat-Sun (depending on your location), several people have been effected:

- Those who subscribed in order to download Gideros Studio should resubscribe again.
- If you have sent a message to the forum, or subscribed to the forum for the last 19 hours, you have to do that again. If it was a lengthy question, you can ask me to send you the same question since I get all forum posts by default.

Bugtracker and main web page hasn't been affected from this issue.

Thanks for your patience.

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