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Gideros 2024.6 Released — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2024.6 Released

hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
Hi everyone,

Gideros 2024.6 is out. It mostly bring fixes, but there is a possibly breaking change in the way device orientation is handled on iOS and Android: the auto-rotation setting, now in Graphics tab of project settings, used to enable the device to autorotate the canvas depending on physical orientation, in an all or nothing way.

Now you can select to allow normal orientation only (the one you choosed in orientation setting, that is fixed orientation), both normal and upside down, all orientations (4 or only 3 on some android devices), or only use whatever the system thinks is the best.

This is a quite complex change, so don't hesitate to report any issues with it.

Full change set:


[export/ios] Allow changing keyboard type
[plugin/ogg] Support opus recording
[plugin/ogg] Support Theora encoding
[core] Rework screen orientation (breaking change)


[gfx/textfield] Fix placement computations in texts
[export/apple] Fix special keys key codes for Mac
[export/oculus] fix menu action label
[gfx/path] Allow setLineThickness to be called before setPath()
[layout] Allow layout to be triggered when Sprite ios added to stage
[gfx/sprite] Add missing Sprite.STENCIL_GREATER definition
[plugin/camera] Fix for QT 6

Download it from here:
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