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Strategy for Xcode Projects with custom plugins — Gideros Forum

Strategy for Xcode Projects with custom plugins

My Xcoder Gideros project is very customized and thus quite different from the one exported by Gideros Studio. Because of this I keep it checked into Github. The issue I've run into is that libgideros.a is 200MB, well over the Github 50MB file size limit. To get around this I ignore libgideros.a and copy it over from a DropBox folder. While this works, it's less than ideal.

I'm wondering, what do you all do to manage this, probably something really simple and obvious that I've missed. Thanks in advance.


PS - A breakdown of libgideros.a using the size command on macOS


  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    My usual approach for those cases is to make a plugin for Gideros to have it export a full project with my modifications, but I don't generally have big changes to do to Xcode project, they are most of the times adding a few new files and adding entitlements.
    Apart from that, you could have build script in your repository that automatically copies libgideros.lua from some fixed local folder into your project before running xcodebuild, or maybe even as part of xcodebuild.

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