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I have a question about the performance of MovieClip — Gideros Forum

I have a question about the performance of MovieClip

Since the beginning I have used MovieClip to create all animations, characters and scene objects, due to its structure of organizing animation frames and having several built-in effects, in addition to the extremely useful GoToAction.

But I noticed that a lot of people don't use it to organize the animations of sprites in 2D games. I even prefer to make a system from scratch to change sprites from the Core class.

Is it just a personal choice or is MovieClip not suitable for doing all the animations etc, as I have been doing, like every character in the game is a MovieClip "Object" with added functions and variables.

I don't know if I could understand the question, but just to check if I'm doing something that could be harming the software's performance or even distorting the purpose of an object lol.


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