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A big issue in the Engine-mouse event lost — Gideros Forum

A big issue in the Engine-mouse event lost

XmanXman Member
edited January 26 in Announcements
on iOS devices,
if you are touching the screen when display a full screen ad, for example, an interstitial ad of admob, after the ad dismissed, no more mouse event will received, however the TOUCHES events will still received.

1.put a finger on the screen
2.show an interstitial ad
3.release the finger and close the ad
4.touch and release the screen, no mouse events will triggered.


  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    I can understand why this would happen: Gideros will stop receiving touch events when the ad is being shown (the event will be caught by the ad view), so Gideros would believe the finger is still pressed. Now is there a way to recover ? I need to have a look at iOS source code to figure out.

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  • XmanXman Member
    edited February 2
    The game will become unresponsive.thanks for your response.it’s really a serious issue for all games made by gideros.
  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    I pushed a tentative fix for this (tested locally and seems to do the job here). What is does is resetting touches state when any sub view (such as ads) is dismissed on iOS.
    That means that the touch up event will still get lost since it occured on the ad, but subsequent mouse_down/mouse_up will work

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  • XmanXman Member
    Since luau broke compatibility, old projects can not export with the latest engine. Can we have a lua release only with these fatal issues fixed?
  • @Xman , i asked for this earlier but it seems hard to go back, either you use old version or change your project. on the positive side updating a project to luau usually does not take that much time (i have a 10000+ line project and even in that it was not that painful), and the error messages tell you what needs to be changed.
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