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Gideros 2023.12 Released

hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
edited January 15 in Announcements
Last release of the year!

This version of Gideros tries to improve app version management, by making .gproj file more versioning/diff friendly, and by allowing lua code to retrieve version information set in the project file so that it can be displayed within the app while being in sync with store version.

Full change log:

New features
[android] New Event.APPLICATION_PERMISSION reported when new permissions are gained or denied as a result of a request made by the app
[core] Add application:getProjectProperties()
[core] Add Cryptography.sha1()
[core] Add Cryptography.pbkdf2(password,salt,iterations,outputLength)

[studio] Make .gproj file more code-versionning friendly

[core/texture] Avoid mixing extended/non-extended textures in cache
[export/html5] Better handle JS events with arrays
[core] Avoid accumulating error in repeted setPosition() calls
[core] Force refresh after a Sprite:setGhosts()
[export/android] Fix set("statusBar")
[build] Fix for building UWP with VS 17.8.3

Download it from here:
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