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Gideros 2023.11 Released — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2023.11 Released

November version of Gideros is ready.

Here is what's new:


[core/urlloader] Report error message in corresponding event
[core/application] Handle application:set("statusBar") for Android and iOS
[core/gfx] Allow specifying stencil clear value
[gfx/sprite] Make stencil op inheritable from parents
[plugin/ads] Implement AdReady on Android (for ApplovinMax and AdMob)
[Library] Update ui and 3d libs


[gfx/metal] Recreate texture on update if necessary
[gfx/metal] Avoid using too many buffers
[export/apple] Fix render target depth orientation for Metal
[gfx/pixel] Fix extra texture allocation

Download it from here:
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  • Thank you captain hgy29 o:)
    my growING GIDEROS github repositories: https://github.com/mokalux?tab=repositories
  • MoKaLuxMoKaLux Member
    I have an issue with Gideros Studio 2023.11 but I don't know if it's me or if it's expected behavior ;)

    My issue is with Pixel and setTexture:
    -when I call setNinePatch the image covers the whole Pixel and reflects the correct size of the Pixel
    -when I don't call setNinePatch the image is letterboxed and doesn't cover the whole Pixel which makes the Pixel look smaller than it actually is

    To me it seems a little bit misleading as the dimensions of the Pixel are correct but the way the image is letterboxed makes it look smaller than it really is.

    Here is some code to demonstrate the effect:
    -- textures
    local btnuptex = Texture.new("gfx/ui/btn_01_up.png")
    -- objects
    local btnx = Pixel.new(0xffffff, 1, 32, 32)
    local btnx2 = Pixel.new(0xffffff, 1, 32, 32)
    -- params
    btnx:setScale(4, 1)
    btnx2:setScale(4, 1)
    btnx:setNinePatch(32) -- seems legit
    --btnx2:setNinePatch(32) -- without NinePatch, Pixel looks smaller!
    -- position
    btnx:setPosition(16*18, 16*4)
    btnx2:setPosition(16*18, 16*8)
    -- order
    What do you think? should the NinePatch be computed inside Pixel setTexture?

    Hope this make sense, thank you :)
    my growING GIDEROS github repositories: https://github.com/mokalux?tab=repositories
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