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Gideros 2023.10 Released

hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
edited November 2023 in Announcements
Here is the latest version of Gideros, with another set of fixes and improvements.

Biggest changes this time are basic support for Meta Quest 3, including passthrough mode for Mixed Reality, and a new Sound:decode() call allowing to retrieve audio samples from any supported audio files, including support for automatic downsampling. Useful if you wants to make an audio editing app.


New features

[core/input] Handle numeric keypad keys
[core/audio] Add Sound.decode() call to get audio samples from encoded file


[gfx/backend] Don't allocate generic FBO below 192 bytes except on WebGL, this speeds up rendering on Adreno GPU at least
[textfield/ghost] Improve performance
[core/gfx] Correctly categorize a few composed matrices
[export/meta-quest] Migrate to OpenXR API
[export/meta-quest] Support Quest 3 passthrough
[Library/ui] Large update


[core/styling] Fix basic math support
[export/win32] Fix an issue with sticky modifier keys
[export/android] Only declare LEANBACK_LAUNCHER if TV support is enabled
[plugin/imgui] Add missing file on ios
[plugin/luasqlite3] Remove, since it is replaced by lsqlite3 plugin
[plugin/controller} Xcode 15/iOS17 compat

Download it from here:
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