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Issues running on macOS and no verification email from forum — Gideros Forum

Issues running on macOS and no verification email from forum

gingerbeardmangingerbeardman Member, test
edited July 2023 in Bugs and issues
Also posted at: github /gideros/gideros/issues#559

I'm posting here are all other avenues have not yielded a response or a solution.

I've been trying to use Gideros on macOS Monterey and also sign up to the forum for support. Here are the issues I have encountered.

## Gideros Attempt 1

- I’m trying to run this but the fact the Studio app is not signed means it does not run or accept network connections on recent macOS.

## Forum Attempt 1

- I can’t sign up for the forum because I can’t run the “captcha” code snippet. A sort of chicken and egg scenario.

## Gideros Attempt 2

- I managed to ad-hoc sign the binaries and got them running and accepting network requests. So I could enter the code snippet and sign-up to the forum.
- I have to start the Player manually as the toolbar button does not work in this scenario.

## Forum Attempt 2

- But, new problem, my forum confirmation email has not arrived!
- After a week my forum account seems to no longer be nagging me to verify.


How to self-sign an app using an Ad-hoc signature. I think you'll need Xcode Tools installed to do this.
codesign --force --deep -s - MyApp.app

To date I have received no emails from Gideros.

Many would have given up by now, but let’s see this through.

I think these issues might indicate that you are turning away many users.

- macOS 12.6.7
- Gideros 2023.6 & 2023.7
- Safari 16.5.2

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  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Hi @gingerbeardman,

    I am glad you finally managed to log in. I had to manually unlock your account. It is not the first time, but gmail is really difficult to reach. I've just made a few changes to SPF, maybe that'll work better that way.

    About signing on Mac, the installer is signed, until recently at least it was enough to be able to use Gideros on Mac. I wasn't aware that individual tools inside the package had to be signed too. Will have a look.

    Thnaks for your feedback.

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  • gingerbeardmangingerbeardman Member, test
    edited July 2023
    My pleasure. Yes, the apps need to be signed otherwise macOS will block network access (even if you approve it with the system popup it seems to not work).

    I also replied to another thread on here from last year where people were having trouble with the unsigned apps. /discussion/comment/68295/#Comment_68295

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  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    About iOS app code signing, did you have to sign Gideros Studio, Gideros Player or both ? Is signing each '.app' package enough to make mac os happy ?
  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Oh, and gmail seems happier with my recent changes, SPF record for gideros domain was not correctly set up.
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