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Reminder: Gideros is free, but donations keep it growing — Gideros Forum

Reminder: Gideros is free, but donations keep it growing

When Gideros went open source, my initial reaction wasn't "Wow! I've been paying for this, but it's free now!" My reaction was more like "Oh no... I've invested a ton of time building games on this platform. Will it just die out now that it's free?" I'd built games on engines that simply shut down, and thought that might happen with Gideros. But that hasn't happened. It's been quite the opposite. In recent years Gideros has gotten better and better, faster and faster. The current version of Gideros makes it possible to do things I never imagined back when I first discovered it, and I look forward to

I did indie game and app development as a hobby for years, but I'm lucky enough to have made that my full-time gig. I owe a lot to Gideros, making it so much easier to write and test code, and deploy it to a variety of platforms. For that reason I make it a point to donate a little money now and then to support the people who put so much time and effort into keeping Gideros up to date with the current OS updates, and adding more and more functionality too.

If you're someone who earns some of your income through games or apps built with Gideros, I hope you'll join me and make a donation to keep this thing going. This platform is, IMHO, a better option than a lot of game engines that are very far from free.

I offer my sincere thanks to the maintainers, contributors, forum regulars, and everyone who has helped Gideros continue to grow and improve.


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