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antialias meshes

So this is another thing i might have asked already in a different way (and @MoKaLux will find the right thread).
is there a cheap way to antialias my meshes that works well for not fully opaque meshes etc.
i've found that opengl might have an inbuilt way to do this:
is it possible to turn this on in gideros?

if that does not work out then another option would be to make my own aa shader, based on shadertoy examples like:
or @rrraptor's code:


  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Yes, enabling MSAA have been discussed previously, and I made a few attemps at it already more or less luck depending on the platform. Biggest trouble is that if we want to make it configurable, it must be known very early, at OpenGL initialization, which means that it can't be changed by lua. Similar to VSYNC setting in reality.
    Then if we have a setting for enabling MSAA or not, we must also defined how many sample we want. 16 is a common value, but I have no idea what the impact on the app may be.
  • this could be an option (on/off and number of samples) in project settings and then users can experiment. i would gladly do at least.
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