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Export Encryption algorithms and compliance — Gideros Forum

Export Encryption algorithms and compliance

Hi, since I last updated my app to Apple App Store 15 months ago, they have begun to require uploaded "U.S. Commodity Classification Tracking System" approval forms :o (and/or a french form as well if published in France) - if the app uses certain ecryption algorithms:

Encryption algorithms that are proprietary or not accepted as standard by international standard bodies (IEEE, IETF, ITU, etc.)
Standard encryption algorithms instead of, or in addition to, using or accessing the encryption within Apple's operating system

I have ticked both encryption boxes at Gideros Export, basically for copyrighted reasons (allthough I'm not sure that is necessary - think iOS apps on the App Store are encrypted anyway).

I am kind of lost here. Does the Gideros export encryption meet these terms?


  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Accepted Answer
    Hard to say, Gideros export encryption (of compiled code or assets) is basically a XOR of the data with a large block of random bytes. Not sure if that falls under a standard, but can it be considered encryption at all ?

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  • Allright, thanks. It seems binaries are encrypted anyway when packaged and uploaded from Xcode to the App Store. So I might as I well untick the encryption option at gideros export and sidestep those form requirements. B)

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