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Gideros 2022.12 Released

hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
edited January 2023 in Announcements
Hi there, Gideros 2022.12 is available.

Nothing really new, but a lot of fixes and improvements regarding desktop platforms, and general performance improvements. About performance, guess what ? Luau was still compiled with assertions in previous gideros releases!!! In 2022.12 they are now off, giving a bit of extra power.

Full list of changes:

[library/3d] Handle GLTF animation
[core] Improve checking sprite boundaries
[export/desktop] implemented pathfileexists for win64 (Qt)
[core/styling] Improve layout styling efficiency
[export/win32] pathfileexists test if a folder or a file exists + can test for modes: 0=Existence only, 2=Write-only, 4=Read-only, 6=Read and write returns 1 on success or nil on fail
[export/android] Support notch on screen
[export/uwp] Add modifiers to mouse/touch events + few mintor adjustments
[core/styling] Improve performance and allow textfield font to be styled
[export/html] Support set cursor
[export/win32] Support set cursor
[export/uwp] Support set cursor and file pickers
[export/mac] Implement set cursor and file dialogs


[export/win32] getKeyboardModifiers were still activated after keyup events: fixed
[export/win32] mouse wheel had a 120 which resulted in delta of 144000 (120120): fixed
[core/layout] Fix text size miscalculated, causing constant relayout
[core/textlayout] Fix breaking words
[export/android] Fix issue with on demand rendering when going into background
[export/apple] various redraw and resize fixes

Download it from here:
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