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MoKaLuxMoKaLux Member
edited December 2022 in Game & application design
Hope you are all doing well :)
In this thread I will try to keep up making yet another platformer using awesome Gideros o:)
First of all a demo link:
So far it has:
- cbump (gideros cbump is working fine, the issues I had before was between the keyboard and the chair :p )
- ECS, following my hero (rrraptor) I tried using tiny ECS (I am still learning it!)
- rrraptor's GCam
- coyote time and a kind of key buffering for jumping (I used a dirty trick for this one as they were many challenges)
- parallax bgs
- variable jump height
- ladders
- coins
- 1 type of nme
- no delta time (which seems good)
- hide nmes and coins when not on screen (performance?)
- passthrough platforms
- moving platforms
- mobile controls
- ...

I am quite happy with the result ;) .

- sounds
- killing the player
- score
- refining the code
- add a boss
- wall jump?
- dashing?
- ...

In this thread I will try to explain how I did things, you can ask any questions as well ;)
I will post to GH when I am happy with the code structure (God's willing).

Viva Gideros Studio <3

Likes: hgy29, E1e5en, pie

my growING GIDEROS github repositories: https://github.com/mokalux?tab=repositories
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