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Gideros 2022.9 Released — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2022.9 Released

I am happy to announce the (pre) release of Gideros 2022.9, maybe too soon but lets face it, I can't spend time doing in depth testing of each release so lets do it together. I am confident it should be at least backward compatible.

Major changes under the hood this time:
- LuaU engine have been upgraded to latest (or rather latest a few weeks ago!). It comes with performance improvements and a new form of litteral strings. More on this here: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/luau-recap-july-august-2022/1966965 and here: https://github.com/Roblox/luau/blob/master/rfcs/syntax-string-interpolation.md
- True parallel multithreading is now possible in Gideros, with limitations similar to those that come with multithreading in C++. Parallel threads are launched by Core.asyncThread instead of Core.asyncCall, and have a lot in common with those asynchronous threads. They share the same environment as the rest of your code, and can access anything... in theory! In practise care should be taken to avoid concurrent modifications, and most Gideros API isn't thread safe. A new table.share call has been added to make a lua table protected with mutexes. Such table accesses are slower, but thread safe.
- Gideros now supports on demand rendering: rather than updating the screen continously (the fps), when on demand rendering is enabled Gideros will refresh the screen only if it can figure out something has changed. This saves a lot of GPU/CPU power as well as battery life.
- Audio used to depend on various engines: XAudio2 on UWP and several versions of OpenAL. Now we use the same OpenAL-Soft version for every platform, providing a consistent API accross platforms and opening the way for future audio additions such as filters and effects.

This version is a big step forward, multithreading in particular should allow for more efficient 3D games, by allowing to run 3D collision engine in parallel with rendering, and on demand rendering being a big improvement for professionnal apps.

Hope you'll like it!

New features
[core] Implement on-demand rendering
[core] Support luau parallel threads
[core] Add signals for parallel threads, and improve yield api

[luau] upgrade to latest
[core/layout] Improve shrink mode
[audio] Use latest OpenAL soft for most platforms (apple,android,qt,uwp,html)

[android] Fix handling of numeric input
[io/win32] Convert filename to wchar_t for win32

Download it from here:
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