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Problems with GTween — Gideros Forum

Problems with GTween

elveselves Member
edited February 2022 in General questions
Hi, I started to use GTween after a miserable time with explicit matrix scaling.

I wanted to zoom a shape out of, and back into a menu.

Zooming out from the menu item works most of the time but some of the time it shows the zoomed out shape.

I started looking at GTween and noticed it hasn't been touched in 9 years. I don't mind looking at it some more; it's got one warning from the Luau syntax check and GTween:toEnd() fails.

Just wanted to check before I got stuck in. It could do with some more documentation and examples, too.

I don't want to waste effort if there are things replacing it.

Get your CIX on route
Get your CIX on route
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