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Building Gideros

rrraptorrrraptor Member
edited January 2022 in General questions
Ok, I think a separated thread is required :smiley:

@hgy29 so, I tried to build ui project, but no luck. Fixed
#include < ScintillaEdit/ScintillaEdit.h >

header error, but got another one:
#include < Qsci/qsciscintilla.h >

I thought that it should be using new "Scintilla" lib. I guess output widget is using "qscintilla" or something else?

Then I decided to use make file.
Installed packages using "pacman", downloaded android NDK, SDK, java, NSIS, sign tool and steam SDK. Skipped EMScripten, since I dont need it (or do I?), configured Makefile.def, and called
make -f scripts/Makefile.gid qtapp.intall
First, I got "steam_api.h" is missing, but seems like it is not required (I mean, I can build gideros without it?), then I got an error says something like "dll is required" when it tries to compile something that uses GReferenced (sorry, I cant post detailed log right now...), and I gave up for now :neutral:

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