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Gideros 2021.11 released — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2021.11 released

Hi all,

Gideros 2021.11 is finally ready. Mac version literally took days to upload, but at last it is there.

It comes with its usual set of fixes and minor improvements, in particular it now works out of the box with iOS/ATV simulators, native Base64 encoding/decoding are now part of Core (no needs for luasocket anymore for this sole purpose) and Android HTTP legacy engine has been dropped.

It also integrate a little experiment (which may be dropped if it is of no use in the end): in this version, Gideros accept lua code with french keywords, so that french people could write:
local afficher=print
pour i=1,5 faire
It is obviously intended for teaching programing concepts to french kids, Gideros being very simple to learn and a good fit for that.

UWP projects now needs VS2022 and runtime 143.

But the biggest improvements in 2021.11 is about 3D and VR, with an improved support for Oculus Quest 2, libraries for loading GLTF/GLB models, dedicated Matrix calls for handling quaternion-based rotation vectors, and other things along that line.
Gideros 2021.11 even includes an Oculus demo to get you started.
See for yourself:

New features
[core] Added Matrix:duplicate() and Matrix.fromSRT()
[gfx/mesh] Add setCullMode() call
[core] Add a mouseType field in mouse events, to distinguish real and synthetic events
[core] Add Base64 functions
[Library] Support GLTF/GLB 3D import
[examples] Add an Oculus demo
[plugin/share] implement for UWP

[lua] Add optional French language keywords
[studio/textedit] Detect and hilight syntax for 'French' lua

[oculus] Add touch and trackpad reporting
[mesh] Allow strings instead of arrays in setXXXArrays()
[mesh] Use 32bit index array instead of 16bit
[android] Make sure we get Event.APPLICATION_BACKGROUND immediately
[plugin/share] Support more mime types for iOS
[android] Remove Old apache HTTP (Fix #331)
[plugin/share] Support multiple mime types
[apple] Include simulator metal library
[winrt] Update to use runtime v143 and VS2022
[android] Update base build to SDK 31
[Library] Add Oculus support library
[Library] Update 3D and Shader libs

[oculus] Fix Hand mesh indices
[desktop] Fix tablet button reporting
[gfx/opengl] Fix ortho projection for render target (Z axis was inverted)
[plugin/android] Add various missing androidx references
[plugin/share] Fix iOS code
[core] Fix mesh binder
[export/uwp] Fix SoundChannel:getPosition() resolution
[export/oculus] Fix suspend/resume
[plugin/imgui] fix for uwp

Breaking changes
[library/3d] Invert Z direction to match what industry usually expect

Download it from here:
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