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Looking for beta testers: Bass Tourney Challenger — Gideros Forum

Looking for beta testers: Bass Tourney Challenger

My new game will launch in a few weeks, and I'm looking for beta testers. It's a bass fishing game that starts out super casual, and gets more involved as you advance through the levels.

I've been working on this one on and off for years. From a Gideros standpoint, perhaps the most interesting thing about it is how it uses 3D graphics for a mostly 2D game. During gameplay everything is 2D for performance, but most of the sprites are created by the game as it sets up the scene. It makes those sprites by loading, modifying, reskinning and posing 3D models, and drawing them to RenderTargets and saving them for future use. Some of the models are animated, so the code will make sprites from individual frames of the animation sequentces. When not in actual game play and the frame rate isn't as critical, and the scene is simpler, like when shopping for boats, fishing rods or lures, the game shows 3D models.

Much of the content is generated procedurally. For example, at each player level there are always two open tournaments for online play. One opens every 12 hours, and each stays open for 24 hours. A server delivers the name of the lake from a set of thousands, and the app uses the lake name and player level as a seed to generate the lake. It generates habitat details, plus a heightfield of the landscape and lake bottom. The fishing lures are generated similarly, with a new lure entering the shop every level every 2 hours, and staying for 24.

Anyway, if you'd like to give it a try, I'd welcome testers! Just email me at pishtech at pishtech dot com with "Gideros game beta" in the subject.


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