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Gideros 2021.10 released — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2021.10 released

Gideros 2021.10 has just been released!

A few fixes and improvements on this one, yet the biggest addition is the (still beta) Oculus Quest export support. It lacks working hand tracking support, but what you can do with Gideros on Oculus is already impressive. And having a Gideros player right in the headset to test your code live is something that makes Gideros unique.

Documentation about Oculus API isn't published yet, but if you'd like to try for yourself don't hesitate to ask on the forum.


New features
[export/oculus] Oculus Quest export support

[core] Add application:getNativePath()
[plugin/imgui] Better way to detect modifiers keys (ALT, CTRL, SHIFT, META (SUPER))
[plugin/imgui] 1.84.2 update
[plugin/imgui] Added "IO:loadIniSettings(file_path)"
[TextureBase] Added "getSize" function
[lib/luashader] Handle WebGL2
[desktop/input] Propagate table/pen button to touch event
[core] Effect stack now support automatic buffer resizing
[plugin/reactphysics3d] Add a few missing API calls

[plugins/bump] Fixes for some API calls
[plugin/imgui] Fixed "ImGui:pushFont()"
[plugin/imgui] Added "IO:saveIniSettings(file_path)"
[plugin/imgui] Fixed "attempt to call a nil value" issue when using input text OR window resize callbacks
[Sprite] Fixed "Sprite:redrawEffects()"
[qt] Avoid reporting duplicate mouse events for pen events

Download it from here:
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