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Does anyone have the Gideros 2018.2? — Gideros Forum

Does anyone have the Gideros 2018.2?

Although the new versions of Gideros are very good and full of features I came across a problem that I had already reported here in another post... Games made in Gideros 2020+ versions don't work on many computer browsers due to incompatibility with webgl. Without a doubt in the current version the performance on modern computers the web version has more resources and runs more optimized but here in my region most computers cannot run the games through the browser. But old games I made before June 2018 work perfectly... Tracking down I saw that the version that is compatible with computers that have older video processors goes up to 2018.2 and that's why I need it to convert some mobile and windows apps I made from gideros for the web.

I take this and amend another question... Is it possible to keep two different versions of gideros mobile on the computer keeping only the installation directories separate? Or is it a version of gideros per machine?



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