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Gideros 2021.5 Released — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2021.5 Released

hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
edited August 2021 in Announcements
Not much has been hapening lately, but there were a few fixes not yet released in the repository, so I decided to build a 2021.5 release of Gideros.

Since 2021.3 wasn't announced (it stayed in pre-release), I'll list changes covering both 2021.3 and 2021.5.
Worth noting is the update of google billing (iab plugin) to version 3, which will soon be a requirement for google play store.

[gfx/rendertarget] Fix clear area size
[gfx/pixel] Fix extent check with new setAnchorPoint
[gfx/sprite] Fix crash in clearLayoutConstraints()
[core/sprite] Fix usage of effects stack on anything above stage
[gfx/particles] Don't try to draw an empty particle set
[gfx/path] Add new options to speed up Path rendering in some cases (curve subdivision+margin setting)
[plugin/gaming] Fix a crash in Googleplay/Android
[plugin/iab/android] Update to google billing library V3 (incl. pending purchases)
[export/android] SDK 30 is now the default

[gfx/pixel] Fix bindings for get/setAnchorPoint
[plugin/osx] Fix import definition (for some plugins)
[plugin/imgui] fixed ImGui:setAutoUpdateCursor()
[plugin/imgui] Styles fix
[plugin/imgui] Image buttons fix
[plugin/imgui] Update imgui bindings (by @MoKaLux)
[plugin/map] Update by @paulh
[export/uwp] Update temporary signing key
[export/apple-mac] Add a Quit menu entry as per apple guidelines
[export/apple-mac] Set app package name to specified app name

Download it from here:

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