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I'm losing work here... — Gideros Forum

I'm losing work here...

Can the Gideros document data not be saved in in /var/folders/xn/6t_9j2717v78vnqp8g2j2cfc0000gn/T/ but somewhere local to the project instead?

Every so often this folder gets deleted and the path changes to some other random string.

I appreciate it is a temporary path.

Some context as to what my problem is...

My game has a built in editor and it saves the level data in JSON format stored in the document folder using |D|worldLevels.txt which happens to be located in the /var/folders/xn//T/gideros//documents/

I have to periodically remember to manually backup worldLevels.txt from this folder into another folder outside /var/....

If I don't do that, my Mac will eventually delete this temporary path and replace it with a new random 20 character string.

It seems to flush this path every now and again without any warning and that is my problem.

I went to make a drink came back and did some artwork, some browsing and then back to Gideros and found this path was deleted the next time I ran the player. I didn't even quit Gideros itself. I had a back up from the day before but I still lost 3 levels since then. I've lost more levels than I've created so far.

It also 100% flushes this path when I reboot the Mac. If I forget to backup worldLevels.txt before shutting down or the mac crashes that file is lost.

Eventually worldLevels.txt will be bundled within the app itself so it won't an issue. It is just an issue while I am developing.


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