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Gideros 2020.12 Apple specific pre-release — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2020.12 Apple specific pre-release

hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
I uplopaded today a special build of Gideros, named 2020.12 and compltely functional for most part, but introducing major changes in Apple targets (iOS/AppleTV and, this new MacOS).
It is available here, as always:

Major changes:

* Metal is now the only renderer (I completely removed OpenGL)
* Moved the code base to use ARC system (this is the trickiest part, I am not sure all plugins will still work although I did my best)
* Added macos support: the exported project now targets ios, apple tv and macos. This allows to get rid of QT on desktop mac projects

Both the removal of OpenGL and the switching to ARC (automatic reference counting) are major functional changes, which may break plugins and maybe some of your games. Nevertheless I wanted to make it available as a pre-release so that you could test with your own apple exports and give me feedback, in order to have a rock solid 2021.1 version.
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