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Html5 "function import requires a callable" — Gideros Forum

Html5 "function import requires a callable"

Hi. I'm trying to run my app with html5, but it fails to load.
I don't understand a reason, so i hope you can help me:)

Console has this:
Uncaught LinkError: WebAssembly.Instance(): Import #0 module="e" function="f" error: function import requires a callable
at convertJsFunctionToWasm (http://www.unlying.ru/onboarding/gideros-wasm.js:952:17)
at addFunctionWasm (http://www.unlying.ru/onboarding/gideros-wasm.js:979:17)
at addFunction (http://www.unlying.ru/onboarding/gideros-wasm.js:986:9)
at obj. (http://www.unlying.ru/onboarding/gideros-wasm.js:870:13)
at __post_instantiate (:wasm-function[380]:0x17131)
at callRuntimeCallbacks (http://www.unlying.ru/onboarding/gideros-wasm.js:1393:4)
at initRuntime (http://www.unlying.ru/onboarding/gideros-wasm.js:1438:2)
at doRun (http://www.unlying.ru/onboarding/gideros-wasm.js:17604:3)
at http://www.unlying.ru/onboarding/gideros-wasm.js:17616:4

app hosted here now: http://www.unlying.ru/onboarding/index.html
Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 17.16.05.png
1390 x 1302 - 425K


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