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iOS Metal and OpenGL — Gideros Forum

iOS Metal and OpenGL

Hi Guys,

I just imported a project for iOS distribution.
Xcode says: "OpenGLES is depreciated. Consider migrating to Metal."

I thought Gideros was now using Metal for iOS, but maybe I got confused and it is still work in progress.

Is it possible to make it use Metal for iOS in my project?


  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Accepted Answer
    In fact exported project contains code both for Metal and OpenGL. By default Metal isn’t enabled, you can enable it by including ‘require’ plugin and ticking the appropriate checkbox. This makes gideros check for Metal availability and use it if possible.
    This was done to ensure smooth transition, by letting developers test Metal support and giving us some feedback, but actually we didn’t get much.
    Next step is to remove completely OpenGL from iOS code, and I am almost about doing it...
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  • Got it! Thanks a lot!!!
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