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Gideros 2020.9 is out — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2020.9 is out

Hi Giderians,

September release of Gideros is a bit early this year, mostly because I have been working harder on my own Gideros made games/apps recently (Covid holidays!) and I added more features to ease my life and yours, as well as a set of fixes/updates with platform requirements.

With Gideros supporting Xbox, we had to add support for IAP to UWP. That's done now, and at the same time the store review plugin has been updated to support UWP and Android (it was iOS only until now).

Some more work has been done on lua shaders: I switched one of my apps to use them instead of GLSL only, and had to improve lua shaders. They now support sub function calls, more complex code sequences and the code translater is able to 'guess' some things you had to tell it before in your own code. It is still far from being perfect, some code sequences don't work yet, such as repeat/until, while, and even 'else' after 'if'. Boolean ops aren't fully avaibale either. Still I was able to write pretty complex environment shaders in lua (rain, snow, fire), and they work on all platforms, even UWP (DirectX) and Metal (iOS).

Also, Gideros now has some built-in math helpers for vector and geometry operations. See them in documentation I am sure you'll find them handy.

See the full list of changes below.

New features
[core] Add vector/game specific math functions
[plugin/iab] UWP support
[plugin/storereview] files for android and uwp
[plugin/imgui] ImGui bindings by @Rraptor

[core/layout] Add offset and origin constraints
[core/textlayout] Add 'singleline' option, compute minimum size
[gfx] Add Particles:getNearestParticle call
[library/luashader] Support nested functions and more code constructs

[ios] Make APNS code disabled by default, to avoid appstore warning about APNS not enabled
[html5] Fix test in JS code for UI, call hide after event is dispatched
[plugin/share] share_path files was missing
[library/3dbase] Check for proper GLSL extension before enabling shadows
[textlayout] fix minimum size computing
[backend] Using SYS_CONST_TIME was leading to crashes
[export/android] Min target SDK is now 29

As usual, you can get the latest version here:
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