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Is a business idea. need to write a simple program — Gideros Forum

Is a business idea. need to write a simple program

olegoleg Member
edited July 2020 in Game & application design
Is a very old program made 11 years ago
ImageModeler 2009

The developers did not understand how it can be used properly and removed it from the store

But in 2020, developers of 3d car models began to use this program for other purposes.

And as it turned out for modeling exact copies of cars in this program has no analogues
This program is now used in all popular 3d packages (maya, blender, 3dmax)

If someone wants to make an analogue of this program, this niche is now free and your analogue will be popular.

The algorithm of the program is simple - 6 photos of the car from different foreshortenings are loaded into the program.
The user places key points (locales) on these photos
At these points the program calculates the perspective on each image
Then the program saves these points in 3d format, and saves the camera perspective for each shot.

Then this file is opened in the popular 3d editor - and the window of viewing of 3d model of the editor adjusts the same foreshortening of a reference picture and the perspective which the program saved in a file

And then modelers model manually on images-references which are placed in correctly calculated perspective
The program interface is simple:
1 -button to put a dot (locator) on the photo
2.Calculate perspective
3- Export points to 3d format
All other features of the program are not required

Here the video shows how fashion designers now use this program to create a car for commercials

If anyone wants to make such a program I will help test it

ps/ The old program doesn't work on win10, and many 3d artists buy old computers just to run that program.

ps2/ I can write this program myself. But I'm studying 3d now and I don't want to be distracted.
If no one makes such a program, I will make it myself in six months, but it may be too late and someone will occupy this niche sooner.
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