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Late to the party, but Gideros is awesome — Gideros Forum

Late to the party, but Gideros is awesome

Not sure where to post praise, but Gideros is simply fantastic. It's amazing what you guys pulled off, with what looks like a ridiculously small team. And it's open source. And cross platform. Mind. Blown.

Gideros works 99% out of the box (which is way more than most other frameworks I have looked at). I was looking for something so my son can start coding, something that is simple to use and abstract enough so he doesn't need a degree and 5 years of experience in CS to understand what's going on, but on the other hand still makes you write real code, in a real language. I looked at a few alternatives, from Minecraft Java and Bedrock to Unity, from Java AWT to Android Studio, from offline to web based environments.

Lua barely meets the bar for "real" language ;-) but compared to Java which my other kids learn at school, and even to Kotlin which I use, it's a much better fit for beginners. None of that extra boilerplate stuff.

Gideros takes care of a lot of work that needs to be done to do games so you make great progress. Then it deploys to HTML and Android with little pain (I bear that pain, my son only goes to deploying on the player). Deploying is critical for motivation, because then friends and family can see and play the games.

Schools should use Gideros/Lua. Instant impressive results, very motivating. You can have a ninja bouncing across the screen in the first lesson. We can then teach Kotlin in professional schools or college to those who want to go to the next step.
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