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Linking issue with UWP — Gideros Forum

Linking issue with UWP

I've been trying to troubleshoot a problem with an app of mine on the Windows Store. A couple of users have been having the app close within a few seconds. I'm still trying to pin down the cause, but in the process I've updated the app to build it as a UWP app rather than WinRT. And I'm running into this:

lfs.c calls the function GetLogicalDeviceStrings(), and the project fails to build in Visual Studio 2017, with an unresolved external for GetLogicalDeviceStrings.

I'm not directly calling the function, and if I just put an #ifdef around the call, it links, and works for me, but for a user who's having the crashes and testing beta builds, the still app closes right away. I thought at this point I should find the proper solution to the linking issue with GetLogicalDeviceStrings.

Any ideas?



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