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Drawing Shapes (filled polygons) link fixed — Gideros Forum

Drawing Shapes (filled polygons) link fixed

Hi, guys.

Second broken link fixed.

The item Graphics -> Drawing Shapes (filled polygons) in wiki page Articles Tutorial was pointing to tutorial Displaying Graphics made by Jason Oakley (that's the original URL: http://bluebilby.com/2013/04/10/gideros-mobile-tutorial-displaying-graphics).

I retrieved content of Jason Oakley' tutorial from webarchive.org and put it in a new page named Drawing Shapes (filled polygons) that I created in the wiki.

Finally I edited the Articles Tutorial page so that item Graphics -> Drawing Shapes (filled polygons) were pointing to the new page.

Of course I put a note on the page giving all credits to the author with a link to their profile in his own web site.

I forgot to mention in the post Drawing Bitmaps link fixed that prior to create the pages I'm testing the code to see if they still work. In case of problems I'll fix them and so the tutorials will be published with working code.
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