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letterbox inputdialogs landscape and slight fps drop — Gideros Forum

letterbox inputdialogs landscape and slight fps drop

Hi the things are not related, but I am experiencing both in TNTFX2 and I was wondering if I may do something, or if we have an issue somewhere: both things work flawlessly in android player, so it's something that happens in apk building.

1) Application Portrait, scale mode Letterbox, no autorotation.
On HD devices: tabS (2560x1600) and Google Pixel-C (2560×1800) the app is somewhat landscape: gideros splash screen is landscape and every textInputDialog too.

2) The same particle effect (400 particles) in Android player is almost stable between 59/60 fps, in compiled APK goes from 43 to 59 in a random fashion.

The device is the same, they should run at the same speed. :)
Any advice?

Thank you


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