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From node.js to Lua

HubertRonaldHubertRonald Member
edited September 2017 in Plugins
Hi Folks,

I want show you this information about Luavit (if you are interesting in it):

In summary, Luavit is a platform we are building that is like node.js only using lua as the implementation language.

The idea is than luvit aims to be to Lua exactly what Node.js is to Javascript.

More information about it:

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  • will it be in any way better than node.js?
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  • HubertRonaldHubertRonald Member
    edited September 2017
    There is a conference with respect to this theme

    Taking Tim Caswell's Words:

    Nobody can deny the immense popularity of the Node.JS platform. But being one of the original node contributors, I've often asked myself: Why not lua? Comparing VMs, Luajit is much better than V8 at embedded spaces. Comparing languages, coroutines are awesome for async I/O. This talk is about my journey from JS to Lua and what was learned and where we can go from here.

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