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2016.08: TextField improvements — Gideros Forum

2016.08: TextField improvements

n1cken1cke Maintainer
edited August 2016 in Step by step tutorials
TextField now has new optional 'sample' parameter in it's constructor:
TextField.new(font, text, sample)
where `sample` is a string to set Y position and line height of a text.
Sample parameter is very useful to vertically align texts. When sample is defined Textfield gets it's highest char Y as a start line to align every char from `text`:
TextField.new(font, "my world", "l")
TextField.new(font, "my world", "m")
TextField.new(font, "my world")
You can also use new method `getLineHeight()` to get sample height and make your own multiline text. For this you need to use same `sample` parameter for each text field and shift their Ys by line height. It is different from `getHeight()` method because last one uses `text` to measure height instead of `sample`. On that pic line height is shown with red boxes.
You can get `sample` of each textfield with `getSample()` method.
And `setFont(font)` method is self-descriptive:) It changes a font of the textfield on-the-fly, so no need to create new textfields anymore for that.

So, in short, TextField has 4 new methods:
setFont(font) -- font should be either bitmap or true type font
setSample(sample) -- sample should be a string
getSample() -- returns sample string
getLineHeight() -- returns height of the sample as a number
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