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In app purchases and Ads

travismix1980travismix1980 Member
edited March 2016 in Step by step tutorials
I feel like a tard for even asking this but trying to figure out how to create and display ads as well as in app purchases. I can figure out how to add the plugins and all of that and the ads plugin and I have looked over the documentation for ads in the plugin folder just wondering what to do for ads and in app purchases inside gideros before we get to the android studio/eclipse stuff. It would be nice to have some step by step stuff on the whole process for ads setup as well as in app purchase stuff. Corona SDK has these things just wondering why Gideros doesn't as it is a better tool overall just lacking in the tutorials departments.
I have been through the forums and I can probably with a lot of trial and error get ads to work just really mostly lost when it comes to in app purchases. And the most promising helpful things when it comes to trying to figure these things out in the forums are links that are broken.


  • A walk through on facebook setup for logging in and sharing and all that would also be nice.
  • Wow nothing so far :(
  • ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
    Because Gideros is open source and tutorials are not fun? :)

    So what is exactly problem where you are hanging on?

    I'd say explanations in plugin folders are quite thorough, maybe just a little outdated. But all in all, you need specific platform knowledge to use them, as in you need to understand or learn Android internals, or specific IDE internals to use it, it is not part of Gideros.

    So basically, if you have specific questions, I tried this and it did not work, what did I do wrong, there will be lots of folks to help and suggest you.

    But simply request overal tutorial on something, won't get you much far, everyone's busy creating their games, not writing tutorials :)
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  • antixantix Member
    @travismix1980, Gideros could totally have more tutorials, especially for new users. I think that getting stuff working is more important than attempting to monetize before you actually have a product to monetize (apologies if you already do have such a product).

    I haven't released a product at all and I have been using Gideros for nearly 7 months now. Eventually I will have something and will face the same issue that you seem to have right now.. Monetization, and lack of easy information.

    Corona differs from Gideros a bit because they have a bigger development team. They do have better documentation in most respects but again this is because they have the resources to allocate. Only recently has Gideros been able to have one (yes ONE) person able to work it for a couple of days a week.

    Things are accelerating recently with Gideros and hopefully more tutorials and stuff will arrive, it will just take time. If you don't have time then by all means hop on the Corona train and ride that to success.

    I however tried a few LUYA based frameworks (incvluding Cirona) before settling on Gideros. Gideros has a huge future in my opinion but again, it will just take time to realize. Hang in there!

    Hey, you could always use whasts available and create a tutorial for the rest of us :)
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  • @ar2sawseen I understand how to hook up the plugins into the java projects that parts easy, however the lua bit is all new to me and what I cant seem to find is how to actually display adds in the project. I am used to working from the everything is included way of things but android it self is new to me I guess what I am looking for is what code do i call to display an add in the app. for example would I make like a modal view to display an add in and then call something like view1 = add:display() its like working backwards and if anything goes wrong its tear the whole thing apart and start over. I am basically wanting to do some thing like display an add in between runs (somewhat similar to jetpack joyride mixed with a side scrolling shooter. When the player dies which is when their run ends is when I want to display an add. I also want to sell items to players like new skins for their player or powerups and just wondering how to set that up. The rest of Gideros is easy and simple its just the complete lack of tutorials on monetization, and I can't let things go out for free and selling apps for money upfront doesn't work to good.

    @antix no need for apologies, and my product is not complete however I do have a tight deadline to get it done monitized and shipped out the door. All of the design and assets are completed and now it is time to just add code. The problem is with the deadline I am currently on I do not have a bunch of time to mess with things to figure them out. Looking very strongly at this because while I personally admire what Gideros is doing I have to be concerned about a lack of tutorials for making money, and it does worry me about Gideros only having one person part time working on things. We can't afford this and it seems that if right now all they can afford is one part time worker then maybe Gideros will die off soon (I hope not) and I can not make major business decisions on that kind of risk.

    While some people make games just to make games for some it is a business and for most all it is about making something that people will like and enjoy enough to spend money on so that the bills can be paid, and when Gideros is so far not helping with showing how to get the bills paid information no matter my personally opinions on Gideros and its open sourceness I will have to pass on it at this time due to needing stability when it comes to support and information as to getting things done. As far as the issues with Corona, they cant actually see your code in a readable format and even if they could they dont have the time to reverse engineer and do not have a history of stealing from people which is the problem I had with other tools like king.coms defold engine. Would rather use Gideros but at cant seem to find the information I need.

    I guess what I am looking for to make it simple to understand is the following

    if(run == ended){
    //play full screen video add
    //then load main screen so user
    //can start another run
    as well as a way to make in app purchases say when the user is in the store section
    if(fancyAirplane == clicked){
    //process purchase
    //first verify users want to purchase
    //take user money
    //give user item purchased

    this is the stuff I need help with as getting plugins plugged in and I checked and google billings plugin had 0 helpful lua gideros specific documentation
    Open source is good but... I am a commercial organization trying to not give things away for nothing.

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  • ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
    Accepted Answer
    ok, with that part I think this should help you:

    specifically API Reference and code example parts.
    Dont forget to require "ads" as it is plugin and should be specifically required

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  • antixantix Member
    @travismix1980 - I get that. I have only a 1 year deadline to either make something that can generate income.. or go back to a real job :)

    Having code stolen didn't really cross my mind with Corona. I just hated not being able to compile if my internet connection was down, or I had no internet connection (which is sometimes the case when traveling for example).

    I need to get to grips with in app purchasing, but there's a long way to go until I get to that stage. Hopefully your fantastic tutorial will be available by then :-h

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  • @antix man I wish I had a year I have till the end of June to get it on the market which is why I have the problem. I will do what I can with gideros and if I can get it all working by then I will for sure make a tutorial as it really won't take to long to make a tutorial to explain it I have done this kinda thing at least with ads but it was native and a completely different platform that was better documented. Anyway like I said though I will make a text tutorial for this if I get it figured out.

    @ar2sawseen I will look over the link soon as I get back to work and I am not looking on my phone. Thanks for the link though hopefully we can get this working so I can make tutorials for people.

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  • antixantix Member
    @travismix1980, 2 whole months, heaps of time then :D
  • yeah and my job depends on it
  • antixantix Member
    No pressure then hehehe.
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