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Bug in Player vBeta 2 - Resolved — Gideros Forum

Bug in Player vBeta 2 - Resolved

bernardbernard Member
edited October 2011 in Bugs and issues

There appears to be a bug in the local player for Beta 2.
I opened the sample GTween compiled and ran it for the local player. It compiles no error but it does not run. Instead I get this error:

gtween.lua:69: attempt to call field 'timer' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
gtween.lua:69: in function 'staticInit'
gtween.lua:429: in main chunk

However when I run it using the supplied gPlayer for the iPad (which I have compiled and run on my iPad) the sample works perfectly. This leads me to believe that the problem is with the Beta 2 player itself rather that Gideros.

Please fix.

By the way the iPad player works perfectly with Wifi. Congratulations.


It has no Orientation support and is stuck in Portrait mode, even if I rotate my iPad. I tested this using the simple Button example which works perfectly in the local player which handles rotation.

Please fix.


  • atilimatilim Maintainer

    Is there a possibility that you using the old player from beta1? Because this function (os.timer) comes with beta2. (I've done a fresh install beta2 for both windows and mac and GTween example works without a problem)

    Orientation and autorotation support will come with the next version.

    Thank you for the feedback
  • Sorry guys. My Bad. I WAS running with the B1 player. Reinstalled and all working now.


    Just a Q about the START PAGE of Gideros. There is a section on the right that shows the "Example Projects" but it is not reading them from disk since the GTween sample and some others do not appear. There are actually only 8 examples shown whereas there are many more in Gideros - 31 to be exact.

    The file \Resources\start\examples.xml needs to be updated.

  • atilimatilim Maintainer
    you're right. they will be updated with their thumbnails.
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer

    Yes, indeed.

    That file was not updated as we wanted to create the 44x44 icons for each entry first, and more importantly worked more on the stability and performance. I'm going to generate the icons now... Will be fixed in the final.


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