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For those that are testing the waters

OZAppsOZApps Guru
edited February 2012 in General questions
If you have worked with the Mexican Beer version, the CSDK, then here's a list of things that are a bit of concern with that framework.

ARMv6 support is totally removed for both the iOS and the Android versions
Forcing 32 bit frame buffers for Androids (to fix banding in gradients) but no option to disable it
The spyware component Launchpad that tracks your app, you might disable it in Dashboard, but it is still tracking
Basic features, core stuff is not fixed
Box2D Engine is outdated
Addition of Crapware bloating the size of the final executable
Addition of stuff that users did not want, iAds is still missing but you have inMobi, Inneractive, etc
Inconsistencies between the Simulator and the Device
Promises that were never kept

This list is from another user that has totally disbanded usage of CSDK. From this list 90% of the points are true and have been raised on my blog howto.oz-apps.com

to add to this list, the things that Gideros can provide over CSDK are
Offline Compilation
Plug-ins support
Simulator Speed
Deployment Speeds
Faster apps on the device

Now when you look at Gideros, do take these points in to consideration when you do take it out for a test.

Note: I do not work for Gideros, nor am I given any incentives (monitory or otherwise) to write this post. It is a factual representation of what is available right now in case you are thinking between the two frameworks.
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