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Integration of Gideros with other (non-gaming) framework? — Gideros Forum

Integration of Gideros with other (non-gaming) framework?

BigWinstonBigWinston Member
edited November 2014 in Roadmap
Hi Gideros team,

Is there any plan for the development of integrations with other free and open source frameworks?

Obviously, there are some things Gideros is great at but it would be great if we could extend its capabilities to make life easier in other non-gaming areas such as menu GUI, working with the cloud, etc.

I ask as I've recently been looking into some HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript such as Appgyver Steroids (not open-source), Ionic (open-source) and Cordova/phonegap (open-source). I think allowing integrations with these, and the ability to use, say, Steroids or Appgyver to be the non-game scenes, would be awesome and allow us to make some truly incredible apps and games.




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