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I will have to say goodbye for a little bit :(



  • @strancali, because there's an absolute ton of tutorials, examples and all sorts on the net covering Lua. Maybe you meant that you couldn't get to grips with Gideros' API for Lua, rather than Lua itself, but that isn't what you said in your first couple of posts. I don't know. Thing is, you'll need to get to grips with an API for Stencyl as well, unless you're just going to use their drag and drop interface or cut and paste examples to make your app which, as I've already said, in my opinion is no way to build a quality app.

    I guess I'm still a little confused as to how you can find Objective-C "not hard" but have a problem with Lua. But, in the end, make the decision you feel is best for what you need to do - we all have to make the same decisions for ourselves.
    I don't have a problem with Lua. I can learn it as easily as I can learn any other language (probably easier). What I'm saying is there is not enough information from Gideros for someone who's new to start out correctly RIGHT NOW.

    If you haven't tried Stencyl, you should download and see. Quality apps is not a problem even through building blocks. What's so different about them and Interface Builder? You still design using "blocks" then tie the code in except with Stencyl, the code is already there. I know for a fact that a new person cannot use Gideros or Corona on day one and have in-app purchase working flawlessly in 20 minutes. That's not quality? I made a scene in a demo and add in-app purchase with an item and tied everything together in 20 minutes, that's very powerful to me.

    Now everything has its ups and downs. The community there doesn't feel like anything here or over at corona. I asked a simple question about getting a video up and it's been days with no answer from the team members. Most answers were from forum members who do not have enough experience with istencyl. So I have to weight everything and decide.

    With all that said, I still love the Gideros community. Everyone here is super helpful and I will be back to support Gorkem and Atilim in the near future.

    Don't forget to have fun :)
  • The only advantage that they hold is the physical presence - Palo Alto, California.
    You are absolutely correct! Palo Alto is where MANY companies get funded, I would say 90% of the companies had to pick up and move to Palo Alto if they wanted seed money.

    Don't forget to have fun :)
  • I think that in 3rd post @strancali stated what was he missing and I doubt anyone (except atilim implementing it all in one evening. Go Atilim! :) ) can help him with that. So yes, if time is an issue, it's better to use something that already offers fully this functionalities.

    No disrespect to anyone ;)
    Thanks for understanding what I was trying to say >:D<. It's just easier for me right now to get a game out that's all.
    Don't forget to have fun :)
  • mykyl66mykyl66 Member
    edited February 2012
    As your tagline says Don't forget to have fun :). I for one will pull the leg of anyone so don't take my comments too seriously.


    What would you do for your other half?

  • cheers Mike! :ar!
    Don't forget to have fun :)
  • Originally I found Objective C hard, but now it's a breeze compared to Lua's metatables :). I think it all depends on what experience you've had.

    Best of luck with your app, strancali.

    Thank you Caroline, I wish you the best also :).

    Don't forget to have fun :)
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    @strancali we always have a free seat here for you - don't forget to come back :)

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  • Thanks Gorkem, I will definitely come back. I hope to see some huge progress when I do :D
    Don't forget to have fun :)
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