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Tutorial: Making mobile game with Gideros for newbie - Part 1 — Gideros Forum

Tutorial: Making mobile game with Gideros for newbie - Part 1

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Hi guys, this is the series of tutorial I wrote in Vietnamese long time ago. And now, I decided to translate it into English and share here.

Before we get started, I want to show you the video of the final product of this tutorial. It's a simple game like this:

We are at the Gideros Forum so I don't think I need to tell you what is Gideros? Can we eat it? or blah blah blah.
And for anyone who cares about pricing, see this link: http://www.giderosmobile.com/pricing

What do you need to have to use Gideros?

For Android developers, you need:
- A computer (PC or Mac)
- Android SDK and JDK installed
- Eclipse or any IDE you want to build for Android
- Google Play Developer account (only 25$)

For iOS developers, you need:
- A Mac
- Xcode + iPhone SDK
- Apple Developer account (99$/year)

Getting started with Gideros Studio

After download and install, start the Gideros Studio and you will see the Gideros IDE like this
You can open and run some example projects to see what you can do with Gideros.

Create new project
To create new project, click Create New Project, enter project name and click OK

Build and run in Simulator
You need to start the Gideros Player by click on the gamepad icon in toolbar
After Gideros Player started, the Play button will be enabled and you can click it to run

Using the Gideros Player
One thing you need to know in Gideros Player is the Hardware menu.
- Rotate Left/Right: Rotate the simulator to left or right
- Orientation: switch between Landscape and Portrait mode
- Resolution: change screen resolution (to test your game on many display resolution)
- Frame Rate: setting the simulator's frame rates
And in the View menu, there is a Always On Top option to bring your simulator on top of all other applications.

Build and run on real device (iPhone, iPad, Android phones,...)
Unlike Unity3D or some other engines, Gideros cannot export directly to APK and IPA files, you have to build it manually.
Go to File -> Export Project
Choose your platform, enter some information then click OK
After exporting, you will get the Xcode Project (for iOS) or Android project (for Android) and you will have to build them by yourself.

You can install mobile version of Gideros Player to test your game directly on device (you also need to build the iOS version for yourself)

In the next post, we will learn some basic Lua and take a look at Gideros API.
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