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Ad Mediation Plugin? (Adwhirl, Inneractive) — Gideros Forum

Ad Mediation Plugin? (Adwhirl, Inneractive)

Nathan_DNathan_D Member
edited April 2013 in Plugins
Hi all,

I'm new to the coding and Gideros forums and I'd like to say this community is a great place for someone starting out to get advice and learn more on the mobile scene. I have a question that maybe someone more experienced could answer :)

I was just wondering if anyone in the community has thought of creating a plugin for iOS that supports ad mediation such as Adwhirl (http://www.adwhirl.com/) or Inneractive (http://www.inner-active.com/), or anyone that has dabbled with the idea. I've seen some nice support for other ad networks, but having a centralized mediation of a large set of ad networks I feel would really benefit app developers. It'll ensure higher fill rates, a better personalization of ads for different countries and a lot more.

Hope to hear from the community soon! :)



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