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Is this social styled app possible to create using Giderous? — Gideros Forum

Is this social styled app possible to create using Giderous?

OrageOrage Member
edited March 2013 in General questions
New to mobile programming and found Gideros. I was wondering if it is possible to use Gideros to create a social type app?

Doing some brainstorming, I need the following abilities and not sure if they are all supported:

- Ability to store all users profiles/photos and allow other users to see them also
- Take photos using the phone's camera to upload to their profile.
- Use existing photos on their phone to upload
- Get users location via GPS and show other users who are close
- Receive notifications when they get a new message from another user
- Allow users to search for other users based on location, age, etc....

Also, how would user profiles and images be handled? Do I need my own server (VPS, Amazon AWS, or...?) that the mobile app will connect to and save all the data too?

If not possible with Giderous, is there another tool I should be looking at?

Thanks so much for your input!


  • Hi @Orage,

    I think no because Gideros is specialized for making games, at least until now you can't do anything with camera or GPS.

    If you want to develop a social app, try using native code (Obj-C, Java) for best performance and customization.
  • ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
    Well actually, you can access GPS. :)

    While @thanhquan1512 is right and Gideros is meant for games, you could still achieve most of the mentioned points.

    Basically only limitations are:
    - Take photos using the phone's camera to upload to their profile.
    - Use existing photos on their phone to upload

    But they can be achieved through plugins.

    Soon you could even: Receive notifications when they get a new message from another user

    And of course you would need your own backend as any server to store info and sync between devices :)
  • bowerandybowerandy Guru
    edited March 2013
    @Orage and @thanhquan1512, if your app is to run on IOS you can certainly access the camera. See:




    The code for the first plugin isn't still available because it has been superseded by the Hot Wax version. If you really need it, I guess I could dig it out again.

    Although the above are for IOS, you should also be able to write a plugin to access the camera on Android too. I haven't done it because Android isn't my focus right now.

    Best regards

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  • OrageOrage Member
    Ah, ok. Just heard so many bad things about building natively for Android that I didn't want to go that route and figured it would be great to have something that's "cross-platform" as well.

    I'll have to dig around to see what's available then.
  • @Orage, in my opinion you are unlikely to find a cross platform solution that "does everything" out of the box. You might find something that seems to offer all you need but then find out later that you'd forgotten about one aspect of the development. This happened to me when I used to use Corona SDK and is why I moved to Gideros (among other reasons).

    For this reason I'd suggest that whatever solution you choose needs to be open enough that you can add features (relatively) easily if/when you discover they aren't there.

    Gideros probably has 95% of what you'll need for cross platform development but the smart thing is that it has an open plugin system for you to add the bits that are missing.

    FWIW, I disagree with @thanhquan1512 and I reckon you *could* build the app that you want using Gideros. You would need a central service to hold all of the user data and, unless you really want to build that yourself you are going to have to pay for it. There are loads of BAAS suppliers and I have had success integrating Gideros with MoaiCloud for this purpose. There is also CoronaCloud and many more.

    The advantage of MoaiCloud is that you can write bits of Lua that run on the server so you aren't bound to the features that the cloud provider thinks are important. Hence most of the cloud stuff that you talk about could be implemented in this way.

    The rest could be done in Gideros with a small amount of plugin work to get photo access under Android.

    best regards

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  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    A small contribution: I'd suggest reading this for an initial start on BaaS providers and services. Some of them are open source:


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  • fxonefxone Member
    @gorkem mega thanks :) BaasBox looks very interesting especially in combination with Free monthly tier from Amazon: 15GB bandwith per month and 5 GB of Amazon S3 standard storage, 20000 Get Requests, and 2000 Put Requests and when you exceed these values only 1 dolar for 1 mln Get requests and 10 dolars for 1mln put requests... very reasonable solution for mobile, indie developers.
  • OrageOrage Member
    Thanks for letting me know about BaaS and that link! I'm still very new to this.

    Are BaaS providers how I would get my app to allow users to private message other users and get private message notifications? Or is that something else?
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    BaaS is a generic term and BaaS services also may contain in app messaging.
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