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How to monitor resource consumption? — Gideros Forum

How to monitor resource consumption?

piepie Member
edited March 2013 in General questions
Hi all,
after some tests (and thanks to all your help and explanations >:D< ) I finally have an almost working game prototype, which seems to be performing well on my device (sgs2).

Before going any further on the development, I'd like to optimize what I can, about memory consumption and CPU usage:

my problem is that the one and only way I found to monitor these consumptions, is to export the gideros project, import it in eclipse and run it on my device with "developer's setting">"Show CPU usage" enabled.

While to check for memory consumption I have to check in "memory> running apps" on my device.

Is there a smarter way to check these things? Maybe without exporting to eclipse, and with some reference to WHAT is using what? I noticed that logcat in Eclipse prints out some info, but most of these seems to be useless for my purpose (maybe I just don't know what I should check).

This could also give an answer to a "side question" that I have :

in an environment "plenty" of instances of the same sprite, each one moving on the screen by itself on "enterframe" using self:setPosition(x,y)

is it better (lighter consumption) to have an "external" function move() called onEnterFrame by any instance as move(self)
have this same function in each object constructor (so that it is called onEnterFrame as self:move()) ?

Thank you very much,

kind regards!


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